objets de la journée (in english “objects of the day”) are a collection of products i designed when i was design director at built ny. my bosses allowed me to indulge myself and take a year and a half to explore new materials outside of neoprene, the material of choice. when these products were launched they were offered for a limited time. today, they have earned a spot on my mantle because of their uniqueness, when compared to the competitors products. the designs include: a foam ice bucket, a leather holster designed to carry and store built’s own wine ratchet, a foil cutter and a keepsake box. the materials used for these designs represent a significant shift in nomenclature, challenging what we know about materials and manufacturing. the leather holster was made in italy by the famous holster manufacturer who, to-this-day, make holsters for beretta. the foam ice bucket was made in a foam mattress factory. the foil cutter uses status quo materials but challenges the common notion, “form follows function”- the shape comes from action and movement, not function. the form follows the motion of foil cutting on a wine bottle. the keepsake box has a lush and plush interior made from pu foam that has been flocked with royal purple filaments. totally deluxe!




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